Educational & Welfare Society for Tribals

 Yantriki Gyan Yojna
What ?

To facilitate the development of education in Madhya Pradesh. for Tribals and other poor people. To support and contribute in awareness of computer to people who are belonging to tribal Category.

Yantriki Gyan Yojna Njiffy Education and welfare society For Tribals
Why ?
They can not go to the computer institute or they can not afford fee. We want give him free computer education.
How ?
Preliminary work in the community was vital to design a program to achieve the above mentioned objective.
To  the form of support teaching with  teaching materials in Packs containing basic information, stories and games.
To establish regular communication between Njiffy and schools to update Education materials and support teaching.
To provide training and advice on computer education techniques.
To make people aware of Information Technology and take step to give education to women and children.
To produce an information booklet designed to increase community awareness of Conservation issues in and how they are being addressed.
Who ?
Authorized persons:
Er. Niranjan Singh
Er. Khushbu Sahu
Er. Deepak Niware
Mr. Rakesh Saras
Mr. Mahendra Sahu
Mr. Ashutosh Pandey
Mr. Amrit Singh
Er. Rajesh Sahu, Mr. Ajeet Kourav
Er. Shraddha Parihar, Er. Rashmi Jayswal
Er. Neeraj Sen, Er. Shubham Soni
Contact ?
           Njiffy Education and welfare society For Tribals
       42, IInd Floor, BusinessCenter, Zone-II M.P. Nagar,
                             (M.P.)  462011

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